Buy/Bid Q&A

1. What kind of goods are prohibited by Hoyoyo?
1. Flammable, perishable or toxic, explosive, lethal, corrosive and radioactive dangerous goods
2. Drug or drug related equipment
3. Live animals, plants or seeds
4. Currency, VAT invoice, other tax or securities, bullion, antiques, precious metals, etc.

Details please refer to this.

2. Can I purchase from other Japanese websites besides Yahoo, Mercari and Rakuten?
Yes, we can purchase from the vast majority of the site, or you may provide the product URL to confirm with our customer service.

3. How to distinguish individual sellers or merchandisers?
Mostly merchandisers will have the consumption tax next to the price or next to the details of the goods. These merchandisers are more willing to deal with us if problems come up during the transaction or product damaged during domestic transportation.

4. I win an auction, can I give up the item if I change my mind?
No, once an item successful bid, the order is not able to cancel. It’s a way to protect the interests and integrity of Japanese Yahoo sellers and future guests.

5. How can I know if the seller has set the bottom bidding price?
Japan YAHOO Bidding:

In the bidding page

※ 「現在の価格」は最低落札価格に達していません。

That means the seller has the bottom price for the item: at the ending time the price did not meet the bottom price,
the highest bidder will show 〝なし〞 which means no one won the bid!

If the price exceeds the bottom price set by the seller,
※ 「現在の価格」は最低落札価格に達していません。This line will disappear, the highest bidder’s name will be shown the highest bidding place.

6. How do I increase the price?
Prior to the closing of the product, go to the "Bidding" item in the user center bidding order and select "Change Price" and fill in the maximum bid amount.
※ Account must remain sufficient balance to increase the price difference.

7. How much is the minimum bid when I increase my bidding price?

Bidding interval increase each time may refer as below:

Product starting price

Increase amount

0-999 Japanese Yen

10 Japanese Yen

1000-4999 Japanese Yen

100 Japanese Yen

5000-9999 Japanese yen

250 Japanese yen

10000-49999 Japanese Yen

500 Japanese Yen

50000 yen and above

1000 yen

For example, if the commodity starts from 3500 yen, 100 yen is the minimum increase amount each time, and if the the commodity starts at 10,000 yen, 500 yen is the minimum increase amount. Or client can place far more than 500 yen as they wish.

8. If the seller sets a specified direct purchase price, and I purchase directly will the bid ends at the time I purchase or I still have to wait until the bid ends?

No need to wait, client offers direct purchase price, the product will be automatically ended. However, there are also some cases: seller has several identical products, when individual places the direct price, yet Yahoo auction page is still under bidding. In this case, it may be necessary to wait until the bid ends.

9. I made the 6 minutes reservation bidding, why can't I win the bid?

There are few reasons to fail winning a bid for 6 minutes reservation function:

→ The highest bid amount you submit has been exceeded by other bidders before the auction is completed

→ The seller ends the auction manually before the original closing time

→ The seller refused to deal with the purchasing agent and leads abnormal entry on the system

10. Can Hoyoyo ask questions to the seller on behalf of me?
HOYOYO can ask seller questions on behalf of individuals, but individuals should also pay attention to the below notices:
1. Please try not to ask the seller "How much is his / her bottom price?" Or request to bargain with sellers. Due to the cultural conditions, more than 99% of Japanese sellers are not open to bargain. Even we asked for you, mostly will get replies like "please bid" or "please enjoy the fun of bidding,".

2. Avoid asking subjective questions, such as is it new? Is it easy to use? As everyone’s aesthetics and definition can be different, so please kindly refer to the product pictures or descriptions of the product condition, which is the most useful method to protect your rights.

11. Why seller did not ship items together or why is there extra bank transactions being charged under the same seller?
1. If you bid more than an item within 24 hours from a seller, several bidding accounts may occur, HOYOYO staff will try to communicate with the seller to ship together. However, sometimes seller requests individual to ship separately, individual must bear the actual costs.

2. Out bidding several items from same seller within 24 hours, items can be sent from different branches and resulting extra domestic shipping fees.

The Yahoo! Auction has specific rules about "Same Day". This site "Same Day" is set from 18:00 pm to the next day 17:59 pm.

12. What is “Bid Now”?
Bid now: The system will now bid for the minimum amount up to the maximum price of the current item, and place it for you immediately before bidding ends. If the value of the product exceeds (but does not exceed your maximum), the system will automatically bid again for a minimum incremental amount. Until the item bidding price exceeded your maximum bid value.

Three principles for using "Bid Now":
A. There is a direct purchase price for the bidding item and you want to buy it directly.
B. Placing the order prior the bidding ends within 60 minutes.
C. In the final 10 minutes to bid fare increase.

13. The winner item price is lower than the maximum bid amount, will the extra prepayment return to me?
Extra prepayment will be returned to your account on Hoyoyo after the bid ends. You may check the bill record in “My Orders”.

14. How long does it take to receive my item after the bid close?
Seller usually contact Hoyoyo for payment and shipping methods within 2 days after the bidding closed. Regularly, seller is able to ship within 3-5 days. When parcels arrived at Japan warehouse, client can pick the delivery methods and checkout for the international logistic fees.

Therefore, all bidding items regularly take 3-40 working days (depends on the logistic services selected by customer) Some sellers on Yahoo or Mercari are home-based individuals, they may not able to reply message and ship out items promptly, so arrival may take longer than usual bid. (above shipping durations are estimated data, shipping arrangement may vary)

15. Why do pre-order items take longer to arrive at warehouse?

When websites have no specific shipping date and no production progress, such as custom made items or out-of-stock items. Usually manufacturers and sellers have no clear response to the current product status and shipping date. Delay is likely happen, it is recommended that reading and understand the site's order process and the shipping procedures prior placing the order.

16. What should I pay attention to pre-order items or custom items?

If you purchase for a pre-order goods or custom goods, it may take 1 to 3 months for the delivery, and some items must pay prior. Sometimes sellers may not have the goods shipped in accordance with the original scheduled delivery date, during the delivery period order cannot be canceled. We recommend individuals should re-evaluate the status which may encounter and risks before bidding such products.

17. How can I request for specification, model, color, size or quantity when I place an order?
If you want to select specifications, model, color, size or quantity, please fill out the bidding orders, and mark those details in "Remarks column" so we will handle the request at back end.

18.When I received customer service / buyer notice, must I reply?
Yes, individuals are responsible to answer seller’s questions for confirming product specification or relevant transaction details. When customers received the email or notice from customer service notice should reply within 48 hours, or else the order will be treated as agree to cancel. If there is any cancellation fees as the seller requests, the cost will be automatically deducted from customer's account, please kindly take note.

19.If I find shipping fee is too expensive, can I cancel the transaction or pay for the garbage collection fee to abandon the goods?

No, all the products that have been successfully purchased will not be refunded and canceled. If individual insist to abandon the goods, the handling fee for the disposal will be charged according to the regulations in Japan. Once individual disclaims the possession of the goods, he/ she will not be held liable for any compensations in the future.