Compensation and Refund

1.I have remain balance in my account, but I have no products to purchase, is the balance refundable?

Yes, please login your account and press the “Refund” button, the balance will be refunded via Paypal or bank. Please follow the instructions to submit the account number, account holder information. Generally take 4-5 days to complete a refund.

2. If I receive my parcel and discover some items missing or the goods have been damaged how can I deal with?

If items missing or good damaged (excluding man-made damage), please immediately (within 24 hours) take photos after receiving, we will need contents as below:
1. Package photos for each surface (clearly capture the package and the carton)
2. Parcels put on pound and take a weighing photo, the weight needs to be clearly seen and with the whole package put on pound
3. Package signing receipt photo

General refund takes 5-7 working days, if the above information provided to customer service, it may speed up the compensation process, thank you for your cooperation.

** Fresh food, perishable food, merchandise expired on arrival or embargoed, Hoyoyo will not responsible for the compensation.

** Fragile products may require special packaging enhancement prior to ship out. The process and cost can be quoted by customer service.

3. How to compensate?
Note: If the goods are damaged or lost in transit, HOYOYO's maximum compensation amount is 3 times the freight or the item price, or compensate in shipping coupon, whichever is lower. Maximum claim is US$50. 

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Refund Steps

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