Company Profile

Hoyoyo has a huge number of Japanese purchasing orders all over the world, such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia etc.

Hoyoyo has a comprehensive warehousing and order tracking system. Our establishment in Hong Kong since 2006; we have 13 years of management experience!
Our HK office address is 172 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, Cantake Factory Building, 14/F .

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Hoyoyo’s Advantages:

1.   Hoyoyo is an official purchasing platform to carry out purchasing; we provide full range of quality purchasing services.
2.   Hoyoyo’s personalized, interactive & automated customer service provides efficiency shopping experience and higher purchasing success rates.
3.   We can assist customers to check the package, product condition, origin, pictures and related product information with Japanese sellers, whether the actual status of the goods is consistent with the description.
4.   Our price is transparent, individuals are allowed to compare prices from different Japanese platforms, such as Mercari, Fril, Rakuten,, Suruga-ya, Otamart, Akachan, Fashion Walker, or any Japanese websites you found.
5.   Place orders from same seller within 24 hours (before the buyer successfully purchases or make payment), the orders can be automatically merged, bank fees and domestic shipping will be counted only 1 time.
6.   Limited edition, authentic high fashion clothes & bags, or any kind of products source searching service.
7.   Hoyoyo listens to the needs of customers, so that we enhance and improve our services to match the market trend.

8.   We provide economic, various International shipping methods (Parcels consolidating is allowed from our website to save your shipping cost.)

9.   We do not have unreasonable extra fees or service fees; our charge is clear and easily to check from User Record.

10. Hoyoyo supports any kind of businesses cooperation; we will issue occasional member promotion discounts, shipping discounts, rebates etc.

User-friendly online services: 

1.   Diversified top up methods (will be varied by different stations): Bank  transfer (ATM/ E-banking / FPS service), credit card payment via HKAlipay, Paypal
2.   Automatic bidding system: Direct linkage with Japan Yahoo Auction and shopping
A)  Bid Now
B)  Reserve Bidding (Bid will be automatically placed before auction ends within 6 minutes, however, there is 3-10 % possibility some others won the auction in the middle of the await time.)
C)  Direct purchase when bid price being overtake (This subscript method has a 30% chance of being won by someone else at direct purchase price, but we will subscript at a lower price according to the customer's willingness to bid.)

3.   The system prompts in variety ways: email & SMS prompts the deposit to be successfully confirmed; the bid price is being overtake; the goods arrived at the transshipment warehouse or arrive at the port.

Hoyoyo was founded by a group of passionate and enthusiastic programmers, designers, professional buyers, logistics experts and auction experts. We are committed to provide convenient services for members to purchase unique, rare and attentive goods on auctions and shopping platforms. Latest Japanese information is available on our Facebook Fans Page. If you have the following requirements, Hoyoyo is definitely your good partner:   
1. Always standing at the cutting edge of fashion
2. Want a completely freedom on auction and shopping platform
3. Require high quality goods and more reasonable prices
4. Like unique and rare products
5. Easy to shop, fast logistics, and safety
6. Trendy shopping information   
We have an updated system and the mechanism system is designed according to the consumers’ habits. The automation system is used to replace the troublesome manual steps. It requires excellence in both service and efficiency! And more, we ship worldwide with advanced logistics system and professional team. The professional level can never be compared with the traditional manual operation websites. Through the professional services of the Hoyoyo team, we will do our best to fulfill the mission you entrusted to us and deliver the merchandises safely to you.