Packaging Arrangement

Packaging Arrangement

Packaging Arrangement

Package Description


According to the warehouse arrangement

Warehouse staff will decide on the packaging arrangement and ship out the goods.


Keep original package, but no strengthening

Keep the original package, but not strengthen the package outside.


Arrange a layer of bubble paper for strengthening

Arranges bubble paper at the outer box or  add extra protection stuffs inside.


Extra (special reinforcement) packaging

Unpack the parcels received from Japanese sellers and repack the goods with strengthening packaging according to the necessity wraps. (packing methods decided by warehouse staff)


Luxury Extra packaging

Customized packaging (Warehouse staff will follow client's specific request to pack.)

**Package damaged NO compensation for this service**

**Operation Fee 3000 JPY up.Depends on the difficulty of the task�and the material used


In the process of container packing, some methods have limited consolidate number of packages, and within the number of packages,no consolidate handling fee is charged. (Removing extra packages request excluded.) Details could be found on Logistics Fees page.

When the merchandise arrives at the Japanese warehouse, Hoyoyo provides a 30-day free warehousing for customers to consolidate items and save on shipping costs.
However, when the time of initiating the consignment is late, when you receive the goods may have passed the merchandise appreciation period prescribed by the Japanese seller or the Japanese store.
Therefore, members need to bear the risk of not responding and complaining after receiving the goods.

If there is no additional packaging arrangement place on shipping order. Warehouse staff will pack all the consignment goods according to the actual condition and size of your goods, and pack them into one or more boxes, in order to provide a more convenience way to customers for picking up.If the customer does not select a specific packaging arrangement (Ship in default mode), no compensation can be made afterwards. Hoyoyo reserves all rights.

If your product is fragile or high-priced, in order to avoid damage, it is recommended that you choose to strengthen the package, extra packaging services can be quoted by customer service or our 
Service Charge.