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  • Bank Charges(JPY) 300
  • Japan's domestic shipping cost is subjected to the seller and not included.
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  1. notice Temporary stock take office hour adjustment notice 10:02 am,07/06/2018 new
  2. notice Sea Freight arrival in June 2018.05.11 6:14 pm,11/05/2018 new
  3. notice Japanese Golden Week Holiday 12:48 pm,04/04/2018 new
  4. notice HOYOYO Easter Holiday Office Hours Adjustments 2:08 pm,29/03/2018
  5. notice Sea Freight arrival in April 2018.03.23 1:16 pm,23/03/2018
  6. article The gender of your baby can be decided! 6:37 pm,16/03/2018
  7. notice HOYOYO Warehouse charges notice 12:33 pm,12/02/2018
  8. notice Kar Kar Kwai Chung Pick Up Center Relocation 6:05 pm,01/03/2018
  9. notice HOYOYO Lunar New Year Holidays Notice 1:20 pm,08/02/2018
  10. notice Sea Freight arrival in early March 2018.2.5 4:49 pm,05/02/2018
  11. notice Steering Wheel - Warehouse Speical Operation Fee Notice 5:22 pm,02/02/2018
  12. notice Kwun Tong Pick Up Center Office Hour Adjustment 6:45 pm,25/01/2018

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