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HOYOYO is your full-access pass to all those great items you want to buy from Japan. You can order multiple items from different shops and have them shipped together at no additional charge. Our main goal is to provide an outstanding service that helps thousands of people around the world shop safely and easily at Japanese retailers. Once you have finished shopping, HOYOYO supports to consolidate all of your items into one package for big savings on international shipping costs. you can shopping through us with hassle free.
0 service fee for the first 5 orders for new users, and 50% off for the first international shipment.

What is HOYOYO ?

HOYOYO is a simple japan shopping services platform with international shipping but without any Japanese import procedures on your part or any barriers. you can shop at the most popular Japanese online stores in Japan like Amazon Japan, Rakuten, or bid on Yahoo Auctions! We arrange payment for your orders with Japanese merchants on your behalf, store your Japanese products in our warehouses, and send your packages worldwide! Our team offers the most efficient packaging possible so that you can get package safely. If you have any questions or need information, do not hesitate to contact our customer support.

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HOYOYO Featuses!!

Limitted in Japan

Buying items Limitted sold in Japan;

Methods of payment

We support to pay by debit card or credit card via PayPal or Stripe。

Flexible Shipping Methods

We ship all across the globe! We use a variety of shipping methods, all of which offer tracking, such as EMS, SAL , Airmail and FedEx. So you can rest assured that your purchased items are on their way to you.

Professional Team

Buying items from halfway across the world can be nerve-wracking and we try to make the experience as painless as possible.We ensure language will never prevent you from using our service. Currently, we provide customer support in various languages, including English, Japanese, Malay and so on. Our customer service team is always happy to help you with any issues you might have ! We have served thousands of customers, and nearly all of them give us the highest satisfaction marks in their testimonials.

Free Shopping Assistance

Need to communicate with a seller ( from some popular marketplaces such as "Mercari", "Yahoo Auction") , but can't speak Japanese ? Our friendly customer support team is here to help you answer any questions you might have.

Reminder of new on

The products you are concerned about will be notified by email(Such as Yahoo/Mercari/Suruga-ya website ) .

Shopping sites!!
Popular Marketplaces :



Yahoo Auctions is the leading auction platform in Japan. Place your bids to secure the neatest Japanese items. You can also take advantage of direct purchase options on most listings!


A popular marketplaces where you can discover the latest popular brands and rare items!


Rakuten is a Japanese money-saving online flea market. Here, you can buy a wide range of products from reputable sellers in Japan, either brand new or used.


Suruga-ya is a hobby store focus on Japanese anime, video games and music. You may find both brand new and second-hand copies of the product you may be looking for! And also it's a well-known second-hand Japanese market has branches all over Japan.you may get some vintage rare items at unexpected good prices.

Steps for usage

For Frist time user

Create an account——Please fill in your phone number, email and other information when registering.


Find your favorite collectibles by searching the largest Japanese marketplaces on the web, or check out our top picks and recommendations.


Once you find something you like, place a bid or add it to your shopping cart.


We carefully pack your items and send them directly to you. Choose from the available shipping methods.