K.uno x 迪士尼 小熊維尼 訂婚戒指 / K.uno x Winnie the Pooh Engagement Ring

Product description

[1 month - delivery]
◇Width: 1.55 mm ~ 1.75 mm
◇ thickness: 1.5 mm
From finger to stone height ◇: 5.3 mm

Vertical (sitting height): about 3.8 mm
Horizontal (hand back): about 2.5mm
Thickness (width): about 1.9 mm

※ This item is made of metal materials and differs from the time period required to reach completion.
And metal use ring... [Date 4 weeks in completion (estimated within 4 to 5 weeks)
· One of the metal rings... [Plan for about three weeks in the week (3-4 guidelines in the week) to be supplemented]

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- Content: date, your name, your abbreviation
And symbols: &, in the heart, infinity
According to the engraved content, there are cases of consultation changes. Please warn in advance.

Disney - the merchandise contract summary privilege]
The contour of the jewelry tray is lovely "Mickey Mouse" (limited) two levels to provide your offer at ¥ 2900 (original price ¥ 5800). In the other is the original product of Keiuno that does not fall into the hands.
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※ In the case of No. 5 below, No. 20 or higher, it requires the option fee.

Purchase Notes

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