HOYOYO Dccember Sea Shipping (2023)

Notice about HOYOYO December 2023 Container Sea Shipping

Time : October 18, 2023 - November 15, 2023

The deadline for submitting orders for this Container shipping is November 15, 2023, 11 am. The goods will be delivered to the Hong Kong around mid-December 2023. Please note that if orders are submitted and shipping fees are paid after 11 am on November 15th, the goods will be arranged for the next time to Hong Kong.

For information regarding discounts, please contact HOYOYO customer service via WhatsApp.


- Need to submit shipment and complete payment within the specified time.
- Customers' purchased items are sourced from overseas websites designated by the members themselves. HOYOYO serves as an intermediary between members and overseas sellers and does not produce, manufacture, distribute, or import the goods for resale to members.
- Once the purchasing/ordering process has started, cancellation is not allowed.
- HOYOYO shall not be responsible or liable for any errors or omissions in the content of this website.
- The company reserves the right (but not the obligation) to review, edit, or make changes to any information on this website at its absolute discretion, without prior notice.