PayPayフリマ is now launched on HOYOYO!

Users can visit the HOYOYO official website for at PayPayフリマ!

PayPayフリマ is PayPayフリマ?

What is PayPayフリマ?
PayPayフリマ is an e-commerce flea market operated by Yahoo Japan Corporation,specifically focused on the trade of second-hand items. In Japanese, "フリマ" translates to "flea market". Similar to platforms like Mercari and Rakuma, individual users have the opportunity to buy and sell products on PayPayフリマ.PayPayフリマ is a relatively new entrant in the flea market service, offering competitive pricing compared to other flea market platforms. Many sellers who were previously selling on Mercari and Rakuma are also willing to sell their products on PayPayフリマ. Additionally, all domestic costs for products on PayPayフリマ are borne by the sellers.

As PayPayフリマ is a service provided by Yahoo, some of the sellers from Yahoo Japan Auctions also choose to sell their items on PayPayフリマ. Consequently, there is a significant presence of sellers offering various electronic products. Popular items include mobile phones, tablets, cameras, headphones, keyboards, and more.

In the future, you'll be able to directly purchase items from PayPayフリマ on HOYOYO, making it convenient to access cost-effective products. Read the original article to access PayPay site directly!