HOYOYO 2023 Summer Shopping Carnival - 0 Bank charge

HOYOYO 2023 Summer Shopping Carnival - 0 Bank charge(Hong Kong users only))

1. Event time
July 11, 2023 -00:00 ~ July 31, 2023 -23:59 (Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia time)

2. Activity content
During the activity period, there will be no bank charges for purchasing orders in HOYOYO! (all Japanese sites)


Q: How to participate in the event?

A: During the activity period, if you place an order on the HOYOYO website, the bank fee will be automatically reduced.

Q: Is there a limit to the order quantity during the event?

A: There is no order quantity limit during the activity period.

Q: Is the service fee free for purchasing on behalf of other websites in Japan?

A: During the event period, all Japanese purchasing agents on all websites will be exempted from bank charges of 300 yen.

Q: When is the fee waived valid?

A: The time when the member places an order and pays on HOYOYO shall prevail.

HOYOYO wishes you a happy shopping~