HOYOYO March Special International shipping PROMO!

  1. Event Time:
    15/03/2022 00:00 〜 15/04/2022 23:59

  2. Event Content:
    During the event period, the total amount of products placed reached 10,000Yen, will be direct reduced 400Yen discount for International shipping fee.

    **Followed the placed order time shall prevail**
    20,000Yen, will direct reduced 800Yen
    30,000Yen, will direct reduced 1200Yen
    **And so on… maximum up to 2000Yen off the International shipping fee.

  3. User participation method:
    Eligible members will automatically enjoy the discount to deduct when submitting the international delivery order. The specific scope of the discount is subject to the actual settlement situation.
    **If you are not clear on the discount may contact our Facebook live chat customer services.

The preferential rules:

1-This event is based on the payment time of the purchase order, and all unpaid / pending orders will not be counted in the promotional activities.

2-Cannot be cancelled after starting purchasing/ordering.

3-Coupons cannot be shared with member-level offers.

4-Participants will be deemed to agree and abide by all the rules of the event set by HOYOYO.

5-In case of any disputes, the content of the website (Chinese) shall prevail.

The discount time is limited, please take the time to place an order and enjoy our shipping discount this time!

-Anyone who participates in this activity plan means that they have read and accepted the terms and conditions of this promotion plan.

-The goods purchased  are ordered by the members themselves through the Internet on the designated website of the foreign website. HOYOYO is purely an intermediary between the member and the seller of the foreign website, Hoyoyo are not the products produced, manufactured, agent and imported by HOYOYO and then resold to members.

-Hoyoyo shall not be liable or responsible for any errors or misunderstandings in the content contained on this website.