◎ HOYOYO Japan Logistics Price Adjustment Notice ◎

◎ HOYOYO Japan Logistics Price Adjustment Notice ◎
Thank you all members for your royalty support!
HOYOYO has been subject to multiple price adjustments by logistics companies. Even Though the cost has been increased, our company will do our best to serve all members better and provide good prices.
Please refer to the HOYOYO website
The logistics service prices will be adjusted on November 1, 2021 as follows:
1.Hoyoyo economic air freight (pick up from the pick-up point)
First KG is 1199 yen, additional weight 990 yen per 1/kg

2.Hoyoyo Economic Air Freight + SF Express
The first KG is 1649 yen, additional weight is 1140 yen per 1/kg
The charges will be compared with the [Volume weight] and [Actual weight] of the package, and the larger one will be counted as the weight.
Volumetric calculation method: kg=(length x width x height) cm/5000

As HOYOYO will consider our members economic conditions, we will share part of the parcel volumetric weight, HOYOYO volumetric weight charges regulation:
{[Parcel (length CM x width CM x height CM)/5000] + actual weight}/2

Please refer to the HOYOYO website http://hk.hoyoyo.com/help~logisticsprice.html for detailed shipping charges and regulations.
Thank you so much, we appreciated your support!
If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us through our Facebook live chat customers services.
We are happy to serve you!