HOYOYO-Limited time advance deposit plan comes Again! ! !

Limited time advance deposit plan comes Again! ! !

Now if you make a purchase / top up by Alipya HK/e-banking / Bank ATM / FPS in advance, you will receive the following benefits:

  1. Saving $5000 > Available in ONE weeks:

  2. 20% off Hoyoyo Economy Air Coupon or80% off Hoyoyo Economy Sea coupon

Terms & Conditions:
- Effective date of advance deposit activities: 2020年12月22日至2020年12月25日
- You will not receive a discount if you apply for a refund within one weeks after deposit.
- The above offers are only available to customers who top up via e-banking / ATM / FPSAlipya HK.
- Each customer can participate in the program up to 3 times
- The coupon will be confirmed by our customer service.
- Contact customer service to arrange coupons after depositing