MEROURII 易拆洗 接近皮膚感覺 飛機杯 / MEROURII Masturbator

Product description

♂ [Features] It is convenient to carry because it is just the size that fits in your hand. Because the interior is easy to wash, maintenance is easy to appeal.
♂ 【Internal Structure of Stimulation】 Two types of feel can be enjoyed in one hole. There is a feeling of tightening, a strong stimulation area with super gigantic projections and countless grains. Give rise to passion and give the excitement of the climax.
♂ 【Through type and convenient】 Since it is a penetrating type, it is convenient and easy to wash because water can easily pass through.
♂ [Design with exterior design] With exterior, easy to grasp, do not slip, especially when inserting high speed you feel a feeling of stability. Since there is a lid, we will protect onaho from the outside.
♂ [Secret packaging] Privacy-oriented packaging. Using packaging that is not visible outside, you can avoid inconvenience when shipping.

Customer Rating: 5/5

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