Bish IDOL US Champion BODY

Product description

US Champion BODY IDOL Parka will be released again this year!
※ CHAMPiON body of parallel imported goods used
※ Order Manufacturer Limited Product. There is no resale plan this year.
※ For the convenience of body stock, the number of sales is limited.

【Delivery time】
Scheduled shipment on October 5th (Friday) to 6th (Sat) in due order

Material feeling
12.0 ounce reverse weave
Heavy duty hood with two pieces tailored, C mark attached to the left sleeve points
Brushed back
* Because of imported goods, specifications may differ slightly depending on production lot.

【Size development】
(Size: Length: Body Width: Shoulder Width: Sleeve Length)
M size: 68.5: 59.0: 53.0: 68.5
L size: 70.0: 66.0: 56.0: 68.5
XL size: 71.0: 71.0: 57.0: 68.5

※ Member wear size: XL
※ We are using parallel import goods Champion BODY.
* Cancellation and size change after ordering can not be accepted.

Purchase Notes

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2. Since the goods are provided by the third party seller, please confirm the storage amount & Current price with our customer representative before placing the order
3. Unless specific stated, the item price does not include domestic freight and Japanese bank charges. << Our details charges >>
4. If you have any questions, you can contact customer service at any time for details