December - Hoyoyo Freight ship further reductions ! !

Hoyoyo December  Container Sea Freight  discount Promotion! !

Event Time :10/11/2022 - 2/12/2022

Even Datail :

For orders over 60,000 yen, members can enjoy a 60% discount on shipping!
For orders over 40,000 yen, members can enjoy a 50% discount on shipping!
For orders over 20,000 yen, members can enjoy a 40% discount on shipping!

The deadline for this shipment is at 11 am ,  2/12/2022

Arrive at the Hong Kong store around the end of January 2023 .

If isubmit and pay the shipment after 11 am , 2/12/2022 . then  will be arranged to be shipped to Hong Kong next time.

The discount time is limited, please take the time to place order and enjoy our this  shipping discount!

(Member discounts cannot be used together)
For discounts and offers, please contact Hoyoyo customer service

Promotion rules:

-The promotion period is limited, and the corresponding promotion period corresponds to the preferential discount.

-Discount can be used repeatedly.

-Customers must submit and payment shipment within the specified time to be eligible for the coupon.

-Anyone participating in this activity plan means that they have read and accepted the terms and conditions of this promotion plan.

-If there is any discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions of these terms, the Chinese version shall prevail.

-The goods purchased by the customer are all ordered by the member through the Internet on a foreign website. HOYOYO is purely an intermediary between the member and the seller of the foreign website, and it is not produced, manufactured, agented and imported by HOYOYO for resale To members.

-After purchasing/ordering, it cannot be cancelled.

-Coupons cannot be shared with member-level discounts.

-If have any queations about this promotion plan, please email to mailto:[email protected] / or call 2951 9011.

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-The company reserves the right (but is not responsible) to review, edit or otherwise make changes to this website and any information contained in it at other absolute discretions without further notice.