Prohibit the purchase of goods

Contract of carriage
It is strictly forbidden to carry contraband goods, including counterfeit goods and any infringing articles, etc., and the offenders will be sent to the government for treatment. The relevant accounts will also be terminated immediately.

The shipper or you and us as the carrier shall acknowledge the following terms and conditions as mutually agreed and legally binding. Your acceptance of and compliance with the terms of this Agreement shall be effective upon the successful order confirmation or payment of your order.

1) inflammable, perishable or toxic, explosive, killer, corrosive and radioactive dangerous goods;

2) drugs or drug-related equipment;

3) Books, photographs, sculptures or utensils that are detrimental to weathering;

4) the infringement of trademarks, copyrights or intellectual property rights of goods;

5) currency, value-added tax invoices, other tax stamps or securities, gold and silver treasures, antiques, precious metals;

6) live animals, plants or seeds;

7) letters of a nature of correspondence;

8) electronic products;

9) All powder, liquid and optical discs;

10) Non-genuine / imitation of the goods (such as the guests of the non-genuine or imitation of a single goods, regardless of loss of goods or not, the Company will not make compensation);

11) more than a single trade goods;

12) suspected of non-genuine brand of goods. Such as the description is genuine, but the price is unreasonably low;

13) subject to import control by the Customs and Excise Department and the embargoed goods of the Macao Customs, such as food or Chinese herbal medicines;

14) does not meet the laws and other administrative regulations, departmental regulations and national mandatory standards for goods;